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Our products

Lardons nature Jean Caby

Our Bacon Bits

Star of our fridge !

Pavé nature Jean Caby

Our Pavé Nature

A generous slice of indulgence…

Pavé supérieur Jean Caby

Our Pavé in Pepper coating

A definite favourite with pepper and sausage lovers…

Pâté de campagne Jean Caby

Our Superior Country style Pâté with Green Pepper

All the good taste of our pâté de campagne, enhanced by green peppercorns.

Crème de foie poivre vert

Our liver cream with green pepper

Liver cream and peppercorns : successful combo !

Knacks Jean Caby

Our Frankfurters

Typical pork knacks!

La brunie Jean Caby

Our La Brunie

Tasty and good value for money.

Jambon sélection Jean Caby

Our Jambon Sélection

Le Jambon Sélection, so tasty !

Le jambon sélection Jean Caby

Our Jambon Sélection Fumé

Successful meal guaranteed!

Le jambon au torchon Jean Caby

Our Torchon Ham

A delicious taste of vegetable broth…

Le Jambon Grillé Jean Caby

Our Jambon Grillé

An irresistible colour and “toasted” flavor!

Saucisse droite pur porc Jean Caby

Our straight dried sausage

Easy to peel and slice. Excellent to taste!

Saucisse coube sèche Jean Caby

Our curved dried sausage

A well-dried, intensely flavoured sausage.

Saucisson sec pur porc Jean Caby

Our short dried sausage

Typical traditional French countryside sausage.

Saucisson sec Jean Caby

Our “Le Ménage” dried sausage

“Le Ménage” by Jean Caby: a simple, unpretentious, everyday sausage.

Le Bridé Jean CABY

Our “Le Bridé” dried sausage

“Le Bridé” Jean CABY : a rustic sausage of choice.

Rosette 2,5kg Jean CABY

Our Rosette

The jewel in the crown of French Charcuterie !

Jambon sans couenne Jean Caby

Our Jambon de Paris rindless

Even more convenient without rind !

Lardons fumés Jean Caby

Our Smoky Bacon Bits

Star of the fridge… smoky !

knacks volaille jean caby

Our Poultry Knacks

100% poultry: lighter pleasure, stronger delight.

Crème de foie Jean Caby

Our Liver Cream

Creamy and easy to spread

Pavé aux herbes supérieur Jean Caby

Our Pavé in Herbs de Provence

A daring and successful mix !

Le carte noire Jean Caby

Our Carte Noire

You’ll love its nutty taste!

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